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Mother's Day Gift Sets 

We put together some of our best sellers to pamper MOM!
Each set comes wrapped with a gift card.
For a limited SAVE when you purchase one of these gift sets! 

Mother's Day Contest Winners

1st Place


My mom inspires me everyday by the way she spends her time. She tirelessly serves others with boundless energy.

In addition to all the normal mom tasks, like hosting family dinners, she makes a point to keep up with each of her grandchildren, often 1:1. She finds fun ways to invest in them and makes many memories from trips to the park to trips to Washington DC when they turn 10.

Additionally, she serves the church making many meals for others and serving in children’s ministry and on the welcome team. She seeks out needy people and often quietly serves them by cleaning their houses free of charge.

She invests in our community by volunteering at local organizations, like Bible Adventure and Solid Rock Youth Ministries.

She is a caregiver to several of her grandkids regularly in a motherly role and she fills in for my dad when his health prevents him from accomplishing certain takes. She also cared so well for my grandfather as he was dying this winter, never leaving his side. We know this can be taxing but she never breaths a word of complaint.

Even with all of these commitments, she’s a great friend to many AND always seems to have time to help us, her kids, out in a pinch.

So in conclusion, my mom inspires me because she thrives off of loving others with God’s love by serving tirelessly. I hope I can impact half as many people in my lifetime.

Thanks for the opportunity, Candy!

Kara Miller

2nd Place


My Mom is my hero for many reasons. She has shown me how to be calm and strong in stressful situations. She has been a bright light in my life as I have grown into a mother myself. Always in my corner she has made me proud to be myself while showing kindness to everyone. My mom raises me up with grace

Ann DePrisco

mothers day contest.jpg

I would like to nominate my daughter Rebecca Torres. She is my baby and she is an amazing Mommy! She was only 19 when she had Camila but she works so hard and loves and takes care of my Granddaughter like no other. My daughter is a bank manager at 22, owns a home, is a wife and step mom..

She is the hardest working person I have ever met. She is so selfless and would do anything for her family. She was born with a motherly instict. She has even taken care of me after many surgeries. She deserves to win!

Lisa Belmonte

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