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  • What oils are best for your face?
    We know that the latest trend is to use oils on your face. The truth is oils lay in your pores and do not penetrate the skin, therefore at some point they will clog your pores which will lead to discoloration and black heads on your skin. Using emulsified creams with added oils for your specific skin type will easily take the healing oils all the way to the dermal level (deep down) to heal, nourish and rejuvenate your skin from the bottom up.
  • My skin is oily, should I use a moitsturizer? "
    Wash your face at least twice a day, if you have some dryness use an "Oil Free" moisturizer. If you are using a clay mask, immediately after you should apply an oil free moisturizer, so that your skin does not over compensate with replenishing your own natural oils. ** All moisturizers must have some oils, you want to look for lotions with no added oils or specifically for oily skin. Try our "Natural Lotion" it was made for Oily and Sensitive Skin.
  • What is the best way to wash my face?
    Your hands are the best way. Wash cloths spread bacteria from one body part to another. If you prefer not to use your hands then use a REAL Sea Sponge. Sea Sponges do not carry bacteria, fungus or mold. After use rinse well and air dry. With proper care they will last a long time.
  • What should I use to remove eye make-up?
    A little bit of olive oil on a cotton ball or tissue will take it right off. Plus, olive oil adds antioxidants to fight free radicals and some vitamin E too. Be sure to wash your face thoroughly after.
  • How are GSL products different than others?
    Our skincare was made/developed because a loved one needed it, including myself. Ingredients are researched, independently tested and proven to alleviate or heal skin discomforts. Only the safest, best ingredients go into every product because not only do we make it, but we use our products every day too! Our line is organic healing skincare. Clean skincare. Just as nature intended.
  • How should I store your products?
    If you are purchasing to use right away, keep in a cool location 60 degrees or lower. Keep out of warm and humid environments. If you are purchasing quantities, store in your refridgerator until ready to use, then follow the above directions.

Organic Healing Skincare

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