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This item is discontinued.


Bamboo Extracts & Silk Proteins fights hair loss and strengthen the hair shaft, making it thicker, stronger and less likely to break. Hair is left smooth, shiny and strong!


Jojoba Oil is a highly effective conditioner, moisturizer, cleanser, and softener for the hair.


Rhodiola (golden root plant) strengthens hair by restoring elasticity to the hair fiber. Has anti-frizz properties and helps fight against the damage caused by photo-aging and other factors.


Our Shampoo is concentrated; just a small amount is all you need.


Works well on all hair types, particularly dry and/or color treated hair.


2 scents: Mango & Citrus and Unscented


Natural & Organic Ingredients include: Castile Soap, Bamboo Extract, Jojoba Oil, Rhodiola, Amio Silk Proteins,  Fragrance, 8oz - Vegetarian 




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